• 2012 Basketball Arena

    This contemporary venue is one of the largest temporary arenas constructed in the United Kingdom. It has 12,000 seats for the Paralympics wheelchair, basketball and rugby events.
  • African Capital Alliance Head Office

    African Capital Alliance head Office is a modern office building. James Cubitt and Partners used modern building materials such as glass and aluminum cladding this was to impress transparency look outside the building, this African Capital Alliance Head Office is approximately 4,600m2.
  • AI Baker Executive Tower

    Conceived as a pair of dancers moving together without touching, each of them multi-storey towers appears to lean in two directions-sideways and towards one another.
  • AIC Hilton Hotel

    AIC limited is a major private company that provided multi-sectoral business and one of it is thru Hospitality. AIC partnered with the famous Hotel name brand Hilton to build the AIC Hilton in Nigeria. AIC tapped James ubitt and Partners to render Architectural Design for the said project.
  • Al Amry Residential Building

    James Cubitt and Partners was commissioned to do Architectural design services to Mohamed Bin Zayed City an adjacent city development of Khalifa City B. A 22 floors multi-story building consisting of furnished apartments and located on Mohamed Bin Zayed City, Abu Dhabi.
    Al Amry Residential Building
  • Al Fateh University

    The site, on the south-east outskirts of the city of Tripoli, is undulating and was at one time farmed by Italians who left many small buildings and avenues of trees.
    Al Fateh University
  • Al Kathiri Residential Building

    James Cubitt and Partners was commissioned to do Architectural design services to Mohamed Bin Zayed City an adjascent city development of Khalifa City B.
    Al Kathiri Residential Building
  • Al Khazana Tower

    The basic form of the building tower is square shape facing East side of its orientation, while the lower part of it which is the podium is also rectangular in shape, this basic forms will be fully utilized to accommodate all the purposes of each spaces inside the building, this will give the building a fully functional area in each spaces and a better view on each sides of the building tower.
  • Al Maha English Schools (MES)

    Large project with the Qatar Foundation, elementary school, middle school, upper school, fine arts career education, auditorium, cafeteria, central library, administration and sports building. Built-up area: 28,900 square meters
    Al Maha English Schools (MES)
  • Al Menhaly Office Building

    A 14 floors office building located at Mohamed Bin Zayed City. The Office space type refers to a variety of spaces including: meeting spaces integrated into the office environment, reception, office support spaces such as work rooms, storage rooms, file rooms, mail rooms, copier areas, service units/coffee bar, and coat storage integrated into the office environment, and telephone and communications equipment rooms located in tenant suites containing tenant equipment.
  • Al Montaza Royal

    The Royal Rose is a luxurious 5-star hotel located in the heart of Abu Dhabi. Its exterior hints to a 17th century French palace. Its interior is equally opulent, with walls overlaid in intricate gold-leaf designs and accented with ornate chandeliers. The Hotel is within walking distance from the business hub, government institutions and other leisure facilities.
  • Al Murour City Seasons Hotel

    A four star hotel with a capacity of 195 Guests rooms and suites located in the intersection of Gwazat and Morour streets in Abu Dhabi. Situated in the heart of Abu Dhabi, the contemporary offers air-conditioned rooms and the restaurant .
    AL Murour City Seasons Hotel
  • Al Mustaqbal Future City

    Al Mustaqbal or the future city is an outstanding master planned development on an open land area Near Cairo City in Egypt, the feature New City Al Mustaqbal is connected to the densely populated city of Cairo thru city network link of existing and proposed new high ways, in the case of Al Mustaqbal, it is directly link to the proposed Cairo-Ain SUnited Kingdomhna Road (southeast of Cairo) it is called the future course ring road.
    Al Mustaqbal-Future city
  • Al Naemi Residential Building

    The Mohammed Bin Zayed City (MBZ City) is being initiated by the Abu Dhabi Municipality and Town Planning Department, a real estate development that is located south-east of Abu Dhabi City Center with the main thoroughfare Abu Dhabi-Al Ain Highway. This residential tower consists of 3 Basements levels and 17 Floors + Roof floors.
  • Al Naser Complex

    As an old community, Al-Nasr has long been a home to some of the friendliest people around and features some of the most developed real estate available in the city.
  • Al Remal Land

    The proposed project is located in Riyadh Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Map shown below are the map location by city and by city location and nearest land mark. Nearest Land mark is the King Kahalid Airport from the west side. Location primary highway is the Khuzam Road (Hi-way).
    Al Remal Land
  • Al Sadd Sports Hall

    This stadium consists of a gym with 2 full size handball practice areas which can also be used for an array of sport which include basketball, volleyball, netball and tennis. It is also equipped with extensive changing, medical and administrative facilities as well as a V.I.P hospitality suite.
  • Al Shamsi Residential Building

    James Cubitt and Partners was commissioned to do Architectural design services to Mohamed Bin Zayed City an adjascent city development of Khalifa City B.
    Al Shamsi Residential Building
  • Al Tamemi Residential Building

    James Cubitt and Partners was commissioned to do Architectural design services to Mohamed Bin Zayed City an adjacent city development of Khalifa City B. The Residential Tower is a 22 floors multi-story building consisting of furnished apartments complete with amenity floor level on the roof deck which houses the health and wellness club and the swimming pool.
  • Amberley State Community College

    The school consists of 13 buildings embracing the centrally located school oval enabling toe formation of a pedestrian spine connecting each building via a covered link.
    Amberley State Community College
  • American International School

    JCP was commissioned to prepare a master plan for the school on the basis of a report submitted by Ingraham Dancu Associates, an experienced school facility planner. The resulting design is based on functionality, the imperative to create a stimulating learning environment for the school community, and the security requirements of the American State Department.
  • Armidale Campus – NSW

    University of New United Kingdom (UNE) - One of our longest serving clients. We have been involved in the design and refurbishment of buildings for UNE for close to 20 years.
    Armidale Campus - NSW
  • Aso Savings and Loans Head Office

    This Head office has been called the Ballerina. The Ballerina seeks to create a dynamic office space in the Abuja CBD by combining dynamic and static forms in equilibrium and punctuating the building with green and flexible breakout areas.
  • Auki Provincial Courthouse

    Auki Provincial Courthouse was developed following the commencement of construction of the nearby Provincial Prison designed by JCP. The facility would support the Law & Order Infrastructure program and enable the trials of accused persons, particularly those from the island of Malaita the ability for the judicial process to reflect the distinct cultural identities of the people of the Solomons.
  • Auki Provincial Prison

    Auki Provincial Prison was completed as part of the RAMSI Infrastructure program aimed at developing facilities within the country following the Fire & Civil unrest and ethnic tension since 2000. Studies undertaken by the Solomon Islands Prison Service (SIPS) in partnership with RAMSI recognized a need for regional prisons that would allow the separation of ethnic groups within the system and enable inmates to be held within their tribal lands. This was a significant decision aimed at reducing the pressure within the prison system and allowing greater family connection for inmates.
  • Australian Consulate General

    The design undertaken by JCP for the Australian Consulate General, Bali was governed by a number of site related responses owing to the shape, proportion and adjacent buildings impacting on how the building was to operate.
  • Australian Embassy

    The Australian Embassy to Belgium & Luxembourg and Mission to the European Union & NATO relocated to Level 7, 56 Avenue des Arts, Brussels in March 2013. Requiring a complete refurbishment of the existing tenancy including building services presented significant challenges to a fit out subject to complex IT and security obligations.
  • Australian High Commission

    JCP were appointed by DFAT to undertake the design and documentation of the Australian High Commission, Colombo, Sri Lanka.
    Australian High Commission
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