January 27, 2021
February 7, 2021


James Cubitt and Partners are the forefront in building design solution from inception to conception,  building planning and design, to enabling effective asset strategies and workplace optimization, JCP has unmatched experience in delivering professional services for the built environment.

With architects, multidisciplinary engineers, designers, building surveyors, project &program managers and a broad range of specialists, we deliver projects of all kinds, forms and sizes, from preliminary study to completion and delivery for both public and private sector clients in a range of sectors. James Cubitt and Partners provide professional technical services associated with the property, infrastructure and design markets.

We are actively involved in defining the design guidelines for High Performance Buildings and are committed to the integration of sustainable building systems that make sense for our clients.

JCP offers in house BIM services utilizing Revit software. Our team brings expertise in critical aspects of creating and working with Revit models, and are equally effective in developing building models from scratch or from a set of existing CAD drawings.

Our team of LEED Accredited Professionals offers expertise in sustainable design practices, including LEED certification, delivering the solutions needed to meet project goals, and local jurisdiction requirements.

JCP’s range of services allows clients to deliver quality but in the same time balancing the need to minimize costs, maximize efficiencies, save energy and cut waste. With a vast experience of working with major public and private sector organizations, JCP can work and collaborate with other offices to deliver significant results by putting client in total control. In these challenging times, JCP also enable clients to deliver strategies that can contribute and work to the overall performance of their organizations by getting the best from their building portfolios.

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