February 7, 2021
February 8, 2021


Education is one of the important ingredients for a society to move forward, it is so essential that it needed once in a while update for the ever changing needs of the educational market James Cubitt and Partners recognizes that need so JCP professionals developed customized services to offer.

JCP has a consistent history of creating high quality design solutions for learning and has been an instrumental leader in school design.

We approach educational design armed with the best evidence available to increase learning and enhance student outcomes.

James Cubitt and Partners recognize the changing needs of the education market and have developed customized services in response. JCP provides a range of quality services to local education authorities, schools, colleges, learning and skills councils, higher education, and other educational organizations.

We have a wide base of experience, from specialized laboratories, to state-of-the-art libraries, to vibrant student life centers, to active-learning classrooms.

James Cubitt and Partners professional experience and expertise are unparalleled. In the education sector, we have a handful of clients local and international for which we provide a range of services that include multidisciplinary design, project management, efficiency reviews and change management, building and management of information systems including ICT (Information and Communication Technology) consultancy.

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