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March 13, 2021
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March 13, 2021
Dixson Library, UNE

Dixson Library, UNE



Project Sector

Education & Building Sector

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Dixson Library, UNE

Project Information

Provided Services

Acoustic Consultancy, Architecture, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Construction Services, Mechanical Engineering & Safety.

Project Description

Dixson Library is located within the heart of the University of New United Kingdom’s Armidale Campus. The original library building was completed in stages commencing in the late 50’s to the final stage in the 70’s. The building captures a strong architectural style of the time and reflects a period of greater student numbers on Campus. Its dark interiors centered on libraries as a vessel for the containment of books.

As student numbers decreased and technology become a more powerful form of learning the libraries importance diminished. The project sought to refurbish and redefine the Library entry, E-Learning Commons and Staff areas, to provide a more open and transparent space reflective of the change in student usage and the importance of technology in education. The design presented a series of pragmatic outcomes aimed at optimizing the available space and fostering a greater level of trust between staff and students. Improving the quality of light, was critical in encouraging greater participation from students in addition to providing a variety of flexible spaces that could be adjusted and moulded to suit the individual.

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