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March 12, 2021
Ministry of Health Admin Building
Ministry of Health Admin Building
February 27, 2021
Majestic Residential Tower

Majestic Residential Tower


United Arab Emirates

Project Sector

Building Sector

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Project Information

Provided Services

Architecture, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Construction Services, Mechanical Engineering & Safety.

Project Description

5O-storey residential tower designed with a column-free interior to maximize space and flexibility. Sharjah Tower sits in a prime position in the new Sharjah lakes development.

A podium with showrooms occupies the ground floor, while levels 1-4 provide parking space.The fifth floor contains a health club, with the above storeys making up the residential space on the roof is a helipad.

The client requited a building with no interior columns, allowing greater flexibility and the largest possible floor plan, and given 1ts height of 185 m, the top of the buliding will move laterally by up to 300 mm added to this,the building has no basement and is founded on 1200mm diameter piles, sunk
40m into sand and rock.

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