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February 14, 2022
Pheonix Retail Park
February 9, 2022
Peace City Master Development

Peace City Master Development


United Arab Emirates

Project Sector

Building & Urban Development

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Peace City Master Development

Project Information

Provided Services

Master Planning & Urban Design, Architecture, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Construction Services, Mechanical Engineering & Safety.

Project Description

Peace City Community is a proposed community that works with nature rather than to suppress it. Peace city concept is to follow Human interacts with nature; it’s always the Solution for Humanity. The proposed Community Development is Shariah Compliant and fully supports Islamic Development in such Islamic Facilities, Islamic Modesty and inspirations underpinned the concept of the proposed PEACE CITY Development.

The Peace City Promenade Park is a Greenbelt Area in the middle of the PEACE CITY Community. This Promenade Park so distinct it will be the holding area for activities, such as weekend picnic area, bicycle lanes, jogging path ways and haft way houses that caters park goers a needful rest while strolling along the vast garden area, with story wall murals (accent) on display along the promenade walk.

The activeness of the Greenbelt Promenade Park will be barriered by a series of mid and full height trees, these will break noises produced in the active zone and protect the passive state of the residential community.
Peace City Amenity Area is a Center piece of space located in the upper portion of the Land Parcel. It is the center allocation for Amenity such as the Community Centers, Main Mosque, Auditorium, Edutainment, banks, souls and other entity that complete a sustainable community. This area is active area and have a smooth transition pathways going to the Greenbelt Peace Park, Road networks and finally to the residential community.

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