The Learning Center (TLC)
The Learning Center (TLC)
February 27, 2021
The Warri Steel Town
The Warri Steel Town
March 6, 2021


The Shinning Towers



Project Sector


Provided Services

Architecture, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Construction Services, Mechanical Engineering & Safety.

Project Description

James Cubitt & Partners is the ArchiteauralConsultant for this stunning mixed-use development that incorporates two towers covering aver 110,000 square meters.The administration Tower consists of 34 floors,whlist the Residential Tower houses 29 floors to accommodate luxury one, two and three bedroom studios. The practice issupervising the architectural construction phase. insuringthat this unique de elopment is beingconstructed up to the highest i nternational standards. On-site pari<ing,sv.imming pools and health club are also part of this prestigious development.