University of Nigeria, Enugu and NsUnited Kingdomka Campus’s
University of Nigeria, Enugu and NS United Kingdom ka Campus’s
March 6, 2021
Vaiola Hospital
March 10, 2021

University of Science and Technology



Project Sector

Urban Development, Building & Environment Sector

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Project Information

Provided Services

Master Planning & Urban Design, Architecture, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Construction Services, Mechanical Engineering & Safety

Project Description

The site, three square miles of hilly jungle, is about five miles from Kumasi – the capital of the Ashante people and was without main roads and services. The plan proposed the development of six main groups of buildings – teaching, halls of residence (student dormitories), assembly, staff housing, labourers’ quarters and services. Completed in the first phase were Pharmacy Laboratories, classrooms, workshops, housing and student dormitories.

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