Lighting Design

James Cubitt and Partners always consider the value of lighting design. JCP believes that excellent design is by providing all out design solution which includes Lighting Design.

JCP has the reputation of delivering high value lighting design solution, whether it will be interior or exterior lighting. When it comes to lighting design issue, JCP not only look to its flair side but consider as well the advance technology factor to deliver low maintenance installation, with a vast knowhow of international lighting standards that allow us to audit and employ low risk lighting element solution to the project.

JCP has a wide variety of Lighting Design Core such as Interior and exterior lighting solutions, Design of day lighting and electric lighting installations, lighting control systems and custom-made luminaries , Surveys evaluating light pollution, light obstruction and compliance from existing installations, Reviews of compliance, energy, maintenance, payback and aesthetics, Climate Based Daylight Modeling analysis of buildings, Lighting Energy Numeric Index calculations of installations, Master planning of installations, Photorealistic and photo-metrically accurate visualizations.

A facility that may gain and benefit from lighting design includes the following:

  • Communities, schools, resorts, and residences
  • Parks, theme parks, sports complexes, stadiums, theaters, and recreation areas
  • Industrial complexes, manufacturing facilities, and factories
  • Hotels, hospitals, outpatient, and elder-care facilities
  • Public and private office buildings , courthouses, libraries, and jails
  • Department stores, shopping centers, and stores
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