Security and order are becoming a mandatory in today’s social order, it’s one of key ingredients to progress and social security in which real properties and businesses goes along with it. Providing design solutions that enable our clients to be effective in their work has been a consistent focus of our practice.

James Cubitt and Partners is a key supplier of consulting services to Government and private sectors. We provide organizational change, business strategy, program management, and other services.

JCP’s team of professional security consultants with high knowledge regarding technical security, operational security, and logistics security, we deliver in full technical precision and professionalism. Our team includes registered security specialists with recognized international organizations, professional engineers and experienced project professional staff.

JCP’s approached is to identify the susceptibility first with intense actual study and then design best the security available.

From master planning and concept design in security strategies, a full design capability and implementation support and assurance James Cubitt and Partners can render.

James Cubitt and Partners’ aim is to provide a fully integrated end-to-end solution that is innovative in its approach to emerging threats and technologies regardless of the project size and complexity. JCP enable our clients to understand the main threats to their business and develop appropriate strategies to counter them.

JCP also help customers with the provision of support to product development centers. JCP provides portfolio, project and program consultancy support to clients.

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