Urban Development

Urban development and master planning is about making the connection between buildings and their environments. James Cubitt and Partners is a major player in urban development. We design cities throughout all across the globe, delivering sustainable solutions to address needs of modern populations.

JCP involvement in large scale urban development project s and as a multidisciplinary consultant. JCP always add value to every part of urban development and urban regeneration. Our usage of advanced modeling software and geographic information systems (GIS) supports the analysis of options available and the subsequent communication of results.

Our expertise provides following with comprehensive services for all sizes and types of projects from facility expansions to long term urban development plans.

Master Planning and Project management

Transport, energy, water and environment, building design, industry, communications, master planning and project management, health and education infrastructure these are some of James Cubitt and Partners project portfolio. For every project, we have professional experts with insight and understanding to local community issues, the political and socio-economic climate, peace and security issue understanding and the imperative of providing urban development that makes a long-lasting legacy for future generations.

Urban Development Partnership

James Cubitt and Partners always work in close partnership with local government organizations, developers, stakeholders and local communities to plan, design and enable projects that add value for all party concern. Our clients range from large public sector organizations and private/public partnerships to multinational corporations, as well as individual private developers such as those in the Middle East and African Region.

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