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James Cubitt has carried out several major project recently in in Kenya, the branch office was set up in 1975, and has successfully delivered diversified number of project throughout Nairobi. We have currently an established association a local firm that has an business network to local developers and other states in Kenya.

Kenya’s economy has been inconsistent since its independence in 1963. During the initial years of independence, the country achieved high economic growth of 6%, which declined to below 4% in the following decades. In the 1990s, Kenya’s GDP also experienced great inconsistency, ranging between negative figures to 4%. After the millennium, Kenya started to produce higher and higher growth rates which peaked in 2007 with 7%.

Our showcase projects in Kenya include: urban planning of a new high quality residential district for Eldo City in Kenya with an approximate estimated value of $300M, master planning of Pwani University and Moi University in Nairobi.

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