Saudi Arabia

Office No. 11, First Floor, Ath Thumamah Road, Alrabi District Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Phone: +966 2 267 64899
Facsimile +966 2 267 64589

James Cubitt and Partners is a global Consultancy company and as we expand our operation we established a branch office recently (2014).

Saudi Arabia is new ground for James Cubitt and Partners and we intend to bring to the kingdom the portfolio of experience and expertise which James Cubitt and Partners achieved for nearly 6 decades in Engineering Consultancy and Project Management worldwide by collaborating with locally based Engineering Office.

Saudi Arabia is the home of the Two Holy Mosques and comprises of 13 provinces and the form of government is monarchy. Most of the land area of Saudi Arabia is desert but with the enormous oil reserves and hydrocarbon products its economy flourished and inhabitable deserts were transformed into habitable area. It is bounded by Arabian Gulf at the East and Red Sea at the west which serves as the transit port for oil products.

The development on infrastructures which are required to boost economic growth is the main reason why James Cubitt and Partners without hesitation enters the construction industry in the kingdom and we see that James Cubitt and Partners has lot to contribute

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